Join at Pulse HQ on December 12th from 6:30 to 8:00 PM to learn about the technology that drives Pulse, from the people who make it happen. Meet the team, check out our San Francisco office space, and even enjoy a tequila tasting. Make sure to RSVP here!

The presentations include:

Building on the Shoulders Of Giants

How We Boostrapped an MVP Data Product on AWS and GAE

This talk, led by backend lead Greg Bayer, will attempt to cover several major components of Pulse’s backend infrastructure, including an overview of the services we leverage, and how we specifically make use of them. Along the way, product engineer Elliot Babchick will be relating how each one of these pieces allowed us to create a product feature driven by user generated data, at scale, in just under a week, under a single engineer’s supervision.

One Screen, Two Screen, Red Screen, Blue Screen

Designing and Engineering a Mobile Application for Multiple Screen Sizes

Screens are everywhere; they’re even on little devices inside our pockets. Yet how do we know how big they are when we load our software onto those portable screens? Android lead Albert Lai will walk through some of the key heuristics and techniques used to ensure a seamless Pulse experience that adapts to virtually any mobile device size.


Immediately following our tech talk, we’ll be discussing (and tasting) the technology of tequilas premium, from a blanco to a reposado to an anejo. Our brand representative will walk you through the tasting profiles and teach you what makes an alcohol a tequila, what makes a tequila a blanco vs a reposado, and more. For guests 21 and up.